Drow in Junk Mail- How To Opt out Of Publishers Clearing House

This is the 3rd mailpiece group I have gotten from Publishers Clearing House (Wiki page) in 3 months. I have opted-out twice. The second time because I realized that they have her name backwards.
If you are in the clutches of PCH please opt out of their mailings. If they won’t stop use a form 1500 and the USPS will stop it for you. I am so passionate about getting people off the Publishers Clearing House mailing list because they will sell you out to the worst mailing lists around. Because they use a strange variation of her name, I see where it gets sold to, and it isn’t pretty.

This is the first letter. It is telling me to be on the look out for more junk mail from Publishers Clearing House. Yaaaa just what I need, junk mail telling me I’m about to get more junk mail.

In defense of PCH, the font size is large and easy to read. The odds are clearly laid out (you have no chance of winning). They clearly state that you have not won yet, you don’t have to buy anything to enter and buying stuff won’t increase your chances of winning. Plus they want you to recycle. Oh I will be recycling this stuff alright. Just not the way they expect. This reporter signed up for PCH, and played every day for 6 months and won nothing.

These are 2 extra games. You play the bingo card my matching the number stickers on the left to the card, if I get Bingo (I did) I am then entered into another contest for $50. There are 2 scratchers. The blue one is to match the secret number in the box next to the arrow with one of the 3 boxes below (I did). The other is to see what kind of discount I will get off the stuff I buy from the PCH catalog (I got 50% off ) but the bottom of the scratcher says the “Maximum savings already reflected in Bulletin pricing” and the back says”Return of Savings Pass not required to receive savings” For shame PCH. This is the kind of stuff you were busted for recently.

Now that I have played the games and I’m getting an extra $50, $35,000, and 50% off everything in the catalog (no, I’m not) Let’s go shopping!

Melamine, Where have I heard the word before? Oh I know it is the stuff you put in milk and pet food and it kills everything that eats it. But the FDA says that it is safe in tableware. Bon appetit!

Have you picked out your 2 favorites? Because it is time to fill out the Entry-Order form!!1!!

usps tracking

usps tracking number


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